Foods to avoid before going to the beach

Foods to avoid before going to the beach


Before going to the beach (but also to the swimming pool ) and therefore exposing yourself to the sun and taking refreshing baths, it is good to know the consequences that the consumption of certain foods has on the body. Foods that are too high in added sugars , such as fruit juices , fruit yogurts , and popsicles ; fruit that is too watery and perhaps cold, rather than foods rich in fat and salt, can cause abdominal swelling , heaviness in the stomach and discomfort. Before going to the beach, but also to the sea, directly under an umbrella, pre-packaged dishes rich in fat should be avoided,snacks , foods with sauces, alcohol.

Foods to avoid at the beach

In the list of foods and drinks to avoid before going to the beach, or during the day at the beach, we find:

  • Fizzy drinks . The heat often leads to a high consumption of this type of drink. Increased thirst is the cause, however carbonated drinks make you thirstier, are rich in sugars , heat up more easily than water (and get degassed), and are responsible for abdominal swelling .
  • Too salty foods . Foods highly seasoned with salt and sauces are not recommended before the beach or under an umbrella because they are anything but hydrating : sodium chloride increases pressure and retains liquids, amplifying the perceived heat. Likewise, cured meats and sausages in general such as sausages and frankfurters are part of the category . To be preferred: cooked ham or bresaola , chicken or turkey breast .
  • Foods that ferment and bloat . Avoid foods that can cause swelling , abdominal tension, pain and bloating . Among them, it is advisable not to consume legumes such as: beans , chickpeas , lentils , but also broccoli , cabbage and cruciferous vegetables in general because they contain raffinose, a sugar which triggers the fermentation process and causes swelling.
  • Fiber-rich foods like apple , watermelon etc
  • Dairy products . Although they can represent a fresh and light solution. mozzarella , feta  and cream cheeses are actually enemies of beach days. First of all, it is difficult to keep them at high temperatures for several hours, despite being transported inside cooler bags with ice, they are foods that tend to ferment, causing swelling.
  • Fruit too watery . Watermelon, melon , apricots , peaches are ideal as a snack after the beach, to hydrate and rebalance lost mineral salts . However, before going to the beach or under an umbrella they would not be so suitable because they tend to ferment and cause abdominal gas and digestive difficulties especially for watermelon and melon.
  • Junk food . Practical, gluttonous and loved by everyone: foods such as hamburgers , fries and pizza are tempting but not ideal to eat before going to the sea or on the beach. First of all they contain high quantities of fat, sodium , sugars and seasonings . They are difficult to digest and weigh down the stomach. The least suitable lunch on the beach is hamburger, fries and soda.
  • Eggs . Omelettesare one of the most common “beach” foods, but eggs aren’t particularly digestible . Furthermore, oil is also used to prepare the omelette, which contributes to a further lipid and caloric load . The eggs are then digested in about 3 hours.
  • Popsicles and slushes . It might seem like a paradox, so refreshing and thirst-quenching . In reality, popsicles and granitas contain a lot of sugars and contribute to increasing thirst and dehydration . Better a scoop of homemade fruit ice cream .

    Food on the beach: what to eat under the umbrella

    Before going to the sea or on the beach, fresh and light foods should be preferred, with a high satiating power but which do not cause bloating and abdominal pain . Two hours before exposing yourself to the sun or swimming, you can eat a salad rich in vitamins and mineral salts , low in calories but satiating and which does not weigh on the digestive process .

    To be preferred:

    • Vegetable salads _
    • Cereal salads such as barley , spelled , bulgur , quinoa , basmati rice , seasoned with vegetables, tuna , shrimps , corn , avocado , basil , thyme . They are rich in mineral salts and vitamins .
    • tomatoes
    • cucumbers
    • goat cheese
    • zuchinis
    • eggplant
    • carrots
    • avocado
    • sunflower , sesame , chia , flax seeds
    • dried fruit : walnuts , almonds or pine nuts
    • fresh fish such as tuna, anchovies , octopus , sea bream , sea bass etc
    • fresh fruit sorbets
    • fruit smoothies


    Aperitif on the beach: what to prefer and avoid

    Hydration is essential on the beach. Drink plenty of water , smoothies rich in mineral salts and vitamins, and avoid carbonated or sugary drinks . Alcohol can prove to be dangerous for your health: in the heat, blood vessels already tend to dilate, alcohol increases this phenomenon, with the risk of collapse. In the case of an aperitif on the beach, for example, it is better to avoid spirits , elaborate cocktails, high in calories and full of sugar. Prefer, for example, a glass of wine or a cold, not ice-cold beer . Avoid drinking waterand drinks at temperatures that are too cold due to the danger that congestion may arise.



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