How to eat less bread during meals

How to eat less bread during meals
Bread is an integral part of many people’s meals and although it is a food that is not harmful to health and therefore should absolutely not be demonized, not everyone can eat it.For example, for people with celiac disease, ingesting gluten , the protein found in the wheat , barley and rye that make up bread, triggers an immune response that attacks the small intestine and impairs nutrient absorption .Even those who don’t have this problem, however, should limit their intake because exceeding it can generate negative health effects . Fortunately, there are several ways to replace bread during meals.

Risks of excessive consumption of bread

Eating too much bread can lead to some unfortunate consequences.

The first is the raising of the glycemic index .

The glycemic index measures and ranks how a food that contains carbohydrates affects blood glucose levels . Foods that score above 70 are considered high on the glycemic index because they raise blood sugar and insulin levels . In large quantities, these foods can contribute to weight gain and the onset of type 2 diabetes . The glycemic index of most store-bought breads, both white and whole-grain , is 70 or higher.

To maintain a healthy weight it is important to control your daily carbohydrate intake and be aware of the overall percentage you are consuming, even if the parameters are not the same for everyone but change according to your lifestyle and other factors.

Wheat, and therefore bread, can also have inflammatory effects. In fact, chronic inflammation of the body has been linked to an increase in sugar intake and a high consumption of cereals , especially wheat.

Its onset can fuel serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease and consequently reducing foods that promote it can help prevent these types of conditions.

How to replace bread for breakfast

  • egg
  • sweet potatoes
  • greek yogurt
  • pancakes bananas and eggs

Instead of bread, cereal or items such as cookies, cakes, bagels, waffles or pancakes , eat eggs for breakfast , which are rich in protein and are a great way to start the day and keep blood sugar levels steady. If you are already used to eating eggs in the morning but usually accompany them with toast, one idea is to replace it with half a baked sweet potato .

Greek yogurt with berries , dried fruit or dark chocolate flakes is another extremely good option for a protein-rich , quick, easy to prepare, delicious and bread-free breakfast. One cup of Greek yogurt contains about 15 grams of protein, which helps keep you full for hours.

Finally , for those who like to start the day eating pancakes, there is an equally inviting alternative: replace the flour with banana and eggs.

How to replace bread at lunch

  • vegetables
  • tuna
  • turkey
  • cheeses
  • apple with hazelnut or honey spreadable cream
  • rice

When you have little time, you often end up having a sandwich for lunch , but if the goal is to reduce the consumption of bread, you can take the filling of your sandwich and place it on a bed of vegetables , thus transforming the meal into a delicious salad of eggs, tuna , turkey , cheese , grilled vegetables or other ingredients. For those who do n’t mind a dessert at the end of the meal, the apple with a veil of hazelnut spread or a little honey is excellent .

Even rice , to be eaten white as a side dish or as a base for a salad or in the form of risotto, is a rather valid substitute for bread, even if it is not without carbohydrates.

How to replace bread at dinner

  • french fries
  • vegetable chips
  • apple
  • pear
  • lettuce
  • quinoa
  • cauliflower

Even dinner, like other meals, often involves the presence of bread or products made with flour or cereals.

If slices of bread or crackers usually accompany a second course of meat or some cheese , they can be replaced with chips, fake vegetable chips such as cucumbers or zucchini or slices of apple or pear .

If the evening’s menu includes a hamburger, bread can instead be dispensed with by putting the meat on a bed of lettuce and accompanying it with the vegetables that would normally be contained in the sandwich, perhaps a little more. By doing so, the daily intake of carbohydrates decreases but that of highly beneficial vegetables increases.

Even first courses, excellent for dinner but also for lunch, can be replaced with similar and equally tasty solutions .

Quinoa , for example, is an excellent alternative to a plate of pasta , which, being made of wheat, should be treated like bread if you want to reduce this element For a healthy topping, you can choose vegetables and protein sources such as beans , eggs, chicken , fish or beef , which add up to the proteins already contained in quinoa.

Finally, the cauliflower used as a base is an excellent substitute for flour for any type of pizza and thanks to a very low calorie intake it is also suitable for those following a diet aimed at weight loss .



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