Kousmine method

Kousmine method

Method description

The Kousmine method is a dietary system based on the experience that Dr. Catherine Kousmine has gained in the field of nutritional insights and applications.

The Soviet researcher – born in 1904 in Hvalynsky, and qualified in medicine at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) – dedicated her life (ended in 1992) to finding ways to fight cancer, degenerative and autoimmune diseases , through the power supply; right from the start, in her experiments with mice (and subsequently also on humans), Dr. Kousmine perceived that cancer increases its destructiveness thanks to a so-called ” devitalized” nutrition model , while it negatively undergoesgood foods , defined as “alive”.
Thus was born the Kousmine method, a nutritional regimen based on foods rich in functional and active molecules (above all vitamins ), considered useful as prevention and (according to Dr.) as a real therapeutic weapon; obviously, Kousmine admits that the food treatment has very different effects based on the stage of the various diseases; the gap between early-stage functional disorders and severe degenerative ones is not easy to bridge. However, the Kousmine method has been (and is still) applied, obtaining significant improvements in the state of health, even of subjects characterized by advanced clinical pictures, with the help of selected foods and reinforcement with:food supplements , intestinal hygiene, maintenance of acid-base balance and immuno-modulation.
Due to her tendency to analyze pathology in an alternative way and to apply medicine in an equally alternative way, Dr. Kousmine and her method have been the subject of strong contrasts from the world scientific community (especially oncologists and neurologists ) , who he never agreed to validate the method; nevertheless, over the years and with the increase of experimental knowledge, several doctors have undertaken the Kousmine system by reuniting in the Association Médicale Kousmine Internationale .


Kousmine method: the practice

The Kousmine method aims to combat tumoral, degenerative and autoimmune pathologies ( multiple sclerosis , ulcerative colitis , Crohn’s disease , ankylosing spondylitis , rheumatoid arthritis , lupus erythematosus , etc.) through food. The practical objective of the Kousmine method is to:

  • Eliminate the acidosis of the body which, according to Dr. Kousmine, is the main source of organic imbalance
  • Decrease toxins that aggravate immune system fatigue through bowel hygiene
  • Provide the body (through the balanced supply of lipids ) with the substances necessary for the construction of natural anti-inflammatory substances and cell membranes
  • Ensure (through a correct diet ) the optimal raw material for tissue turnover
  • Supplement vitamins that are deficient due to insufficient absorption, caused by intestinal disorders , antibiotic treatments , chemotherapy, etc., by adding the microelements that the body needs
  • Eliminate risk factors such as smoking , alcohol abuse , exposure to pesticides, toxic substances and electromagnetic waves
  • Decrease stress from excessive fatigue, hectic pace of life and exposure to serious emotional situations.

In summary, the Kousmine method is based on 4 pillars plus 1:

  1. Healthy nutrition : provides essential and necessary nutrients , minimizes the flow of toxic substances, lightens the workload of the immune system
  2. Intestinal hygiene: restores functional integrity to the colon , reduces putrefactive phenomena and moderates absorbed toxins
  3. Complementarity of foods: introduces substances that should be produced by a healthy body and supplies all the nutrients that are scarce in foods depleted by the working/preservative processes of the food industry
  4. Fight against acidification of the organism: restores the intestinal bacterial flora , promotes intracellular exchanges and decreases the production of free radicals
  5. Optional: produces an immuno-modulation of the immune system

From the point of view of food choices, the Kousmine method requires: consuming a maximum of one glass of red wine a day, minimizing animal and hydrogenated fats , eliminating hot-pressed oils, preferring extra virgin olive oil fortified in polyunsaturated fats , eliminate added sugar , eliminate all light foods , prefer (possibly) whole sugar or honey , prefer (as a drink) natural fruit juices , eliminate ALL industrial confectionery (allowed thepure dark chocolate ), reduce meat consumption , prefer fish and white meat , reduce milk consumption , prefer vegetable milks , reduce dairy products and aged cheeses , prefer legumes associated with cereals as a protein source, prefer cereals wholemeal , reduce coffee , allow tofu and tempeh , drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, reduce salt consumption, avoid all preserved foods, therefore “dead”: flours , cereal flakes, pre-cooked foods, etc.
Obviously, it is not possible to summarize the Kousmine method in a few lines, but the ones above are certainly the general food indications to understand the intent of the Doctor and of the Association Médicale Kousmine Internationale .



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