Natural food scars: which ones to choose?

Natural food scars: which ones to choose?


With a correct and balanced diet, wounds heal better and faster, since some foods are real natural healers . When, following a fall or a small domestic accident, we find ourselves dealing with wounds or grazes , we usually proceed with the usual disinfection and dressing procedure. Therefore: we disinfect the wound, keeping it dry and clean as much as possible and, when necessary, we apply a plaster or a sterile gauze dressing. However, there are some natural remedies, such as plants, oils or gels of vegetable origin,which, applied to the part affected by the lesion, act as powerful scarifiers. Thus also some foods, due to the precious substances contained in them, are effective in the healing process of wounds which will thus heal faster.

In the process of healing and healing wounds, certain substances are of fundamental importance. One above all: vitamin A , which stimulates cell regeneration . Another vitamin that must not be missing is vitamin C , which promotes the formation of collagen and strengthens the immune system , as well as performing the function of natural antioxidant of the tissues.

Substances in foods that promote healing

In addition to vitamin C and vitamin A , there are various substances contained in some foods, which can promote and speed up the healing process of wounds, from superficial ones to those resulting from surgery. These substances include:

  • Bromelain , a plant enzyme  found in pineapples , administered to individuals with trauma wounds or after surgery. Among its primary functions, that of reducing post-traumatic swelling, burning, pain and healing times,
  • gotu kola ;
  • Aloe Vera : its gel (which is obtained simply by splitting an aloe leaf and pressing lightly and letting it come out) is useful in the treatment of skin problems , from redness to lesions;
  •  Tea catechins
  •  Cocoa flavanols _
  • Olive oil hydroxytyrosol
  • Curcumin , a powerful antioxidant and natural healing agent, contained in turmeric (which we will see specifically later), acts on wound healing times, especially in the case of chronic ulcers.

What is scarring?

Scarring is a healing process of injured tissue through a series of reparative processes, essentially aimed at guaranteeing the anatomical reconstruction of the injured tissue. In this sense, it differs from  regeneration processes , which instead aim at functional restoration through the reconstitution of differentiated structures (little active in humans, typical of amphibians and fish  ) .

Each healing process takes place in three phases: the initial one, of an inflammatory nature with temporary closure ( coagulation ) and wound cleansing, the intermediate one in which the wound is closed due to the formation of granulation tissue (cellular phase), and the last phase (much longer) of maturation with remodeling of the scar.

Foods that promote wound healing

As regards the relationship between food, supplements and healing, it is useful to reiterate how wound healing and healing times are related to an adequate diet, above all as regards the intake of proteins ,  vitamins (especially C , which favors the synthesis of collagen , and E), and trace elements  (especially  iron ,  copper  and  zinc ).

Foods and herbs that promote wound healing include:

  • Aloe gel: helps tissue regeneration . Its gel has anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in the healing process of the skin;
  • hypericum ,
  • licorice ,
  • propolis ,
  • Our Lady’s Herb,
  • Gotu kola ,
  • Chamomile ,
  • Borage . The spontaneous herb used in the kitchen in many recipes is a powerful natural healing agent with soothing properties : it can be used either in the form of oil, or in the form of an infusion to be used for compresses .
  • basil ,
  • rosemary ,
  • sage ,
  • Lemon,
  • Honey : Helps heal wounds by promoting tissue growth. It can be applied externally to cuts or burns to stop bleeding .
  • lavender ,
  • Fruits ( kiwis , citrus fruits ) and vegetables ( carrots , peppers , squash) : rich in vitamins, especially A and  C , which help form  collagen and correct immune function;
  • Turmeric,
  • Olive oil,
  • You,
  • Cocoa

Turmeric: powerful healing agent

Among the  foods that promote the healing process  of wounds there is undoubtedly turmeric, the spice of Asian origins which is increasingly appreciated in Western cuisine as well. Its active ingredient , curcumin , is a natural antibacterial: it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that make this golden-yellow spice a powerful remedy against various ailments.

Some properties of turmeric:

  • Antioxidant and anti- carcinogenic properties .
  • Antibacterial and antiviral properties : prevents flu syndromes and colds
  • Improves digestion ,
  • Strengthens the endothelium and reduces blood cholesterol levels  .
  • It prevents the onset of  type 2 diabetes by regulating insulin and blood glucose levels .
  • Slimming properties : it helps to lose weight by inhibiting the ability of fat cells to assimilate some nutrients .
  • Reducing bloating and flatulence , promoting the absorption of intestinal gas
  • Slows down cellular aging .


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