Cholesterol and Offal

Cholesterol and Offal


Cholesterol [mg/100g]

Cooked beef sweetbreads 466
Cooked bovine brain more than 2000
Cooked beef heart 274
Cooked chicken heart 231
Cooked turkey heart 238
Cooked beef liver 385
Cooked polo liver 746
Cooked pork liver 290
Cooked turkey liver 599
Cooked beef tongue 211

Total Cholesterol in Food »

Offal and cholesterol

Offal are foods of animal origin and more precisely they constitute the so-called “fifth quarter” . From a nutritional point of view, offal is a very rich food! They contain vitamins , proteins , glycogen , fats and mineral salts in abundance. On the other hand, offals bring considerable quantities of cholesterol , fatty acids and purine bases (see hyperuricemia and gout ), therefore they are unsuitable for the nutrition of hypercholesterolemic and hyperuricemic/gouty people.

The offal are NOT all the same and are made up of the various NON-muscular portions of the animal; are offal: the brain and the head (ears, nose, etc.), the thymus , the lungs , the stomach and the intestines , the pancreas , the liver , the testicles , the kidneys, the legs , the skin , the diaphragm , the marrow , heart , spleen , salivary glands etc. There are offal with a high cholesterol content andsaturated fats (brain, liver, etc.); on the contrary, other sizes are much lighter (diaphragm, stomach and intestine). The frequency of consumption of offal varies according to the specific food, the level of cholesterol and the tendency towards hyperuricemia.
N.B. _ To reduce the absorption of cholesterol from offal, it is advisable to combine it with a meal rich in fibre , including fruit and vegetables in the right quantities.

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