Laryngitis: Which Foods Relieve Symptoms?

Laryngitis: Which Foods Relieve Symptoms?

Laryngitis is an inflammation that affects the larynx and vocal cords , although sometimes only the latter may be affected .

The most common symptoms are sore throat , dry , itchy cough, hoarseness or loss of voice, an itchy sensation in the throat , and difficulty breathing .

Precisely because of the pain and discomfort it causes, it is not easy to be able to swallow and consequently eat.

Choosing foods and drinks carefully is therefore essential, also because while some have the ability to relieve symptoms, others can make them worse.

Here are the most suitable and least suitable foods if you are a victim of laryngitis.

Foods that can relieve throat pain

  • Egg
  • Vegetable or chicken broth
  • Smoothies, ice creams and popsicles
  • Tea with lemon juice and honey


Eggs are among the best foods to eat when you have laryngitis because there are many ways to cook them that make them so firm that they are easy to swallow.

Furthermore, these are foods rich in nutrients such as proteins , always essential for the overall well-being of the body and even more so when one is not feeling well and needs to get back to health.

To cause as little pain as possible while swallowing, eggs can be eaten raw, making sure they are pasteurized , bull’s eye or soft-boiled .

Vegetable or chicken broth

Anything that is liquid is easier to swallow so it should be taken into consideration in case of laryngitis, provided it does not contain harmful elements for this ailment. Broth is particularly suitable when you are not feeling well , as it is beneficial thanks to its high soothing content.

Depending on your preference, the broth can be consumed both vegetable and chicken. However, choosing the second version is even more suitable given that in addition to relieving pain, the presence of chicken provides the body with a good source of protein , which is important when you are sick.

Smoothies, ice creams and popsicles

In addition to being pleasant, the sensation of cold can help the throat heal because the low temperatures help reduce inflammation and reduce sore throats.

Also, popsicles and other cold liquids like ice water can help soothe your throat by clearing out mucus .

Green light, therefore, for ice creams, smoothies and milkshakes left to rest in the freezer.

Tea with lemon juice and honey

Drinking hot liquids such as herbal teas or tea can soothe a sore throat and if you want to further increase its benefits, the advice is to add a little honey and lemon juice , both with strong soothing and antibacterial properties .

Foods that can make throat pain worse

  • Too many citrus fruits
  • Crunchy and difficult to chew foods
  • Raw vegetables
  • Spices and spicy foods

Too many citrus fruits

A little lemon juice in tea can be helpful in relieving pain and thinning mucus. However, consuming too many citrus fruits of any kind can irritate the throat and increase pain, due to their acidity. So better not to overdo it.

Crunchy and difficult to chew foods

Cereals , crackers and foods of similar texture are some of the worst to eat when battling laryngitis as they are rough and sometimes angular and can irritate the throat . Until the laryngitis has healed, it is best to avoid them.

Raw vegetables

Foods such as raw vegetables can be difficult to swallow and this can make a sore throat worse if you have laryngitis.

Consuming the right dose of daily vegetables is essential but in this case it is better to rely on boiled ones because they are easier to chew and softer to swallow.

Another way to consume vegetables without aggravating a sore throat is to make soft soups , vegetable smoothies or soups .

Spices and spicy foods

Spicy or too spicy dishes are absolutely to be avoided in case of laryngitis because they can cause irritation and aggravate the inflammatory condition of the throat tissues, consequently increasing pain and discomfort. Until you are healed, therefore, it is good to stay away from chilli , pepper and various spices.

Extra remedies for laryngitis

In addition to choosing foods and drinks carefully, there are other remedies and treatments to deal with laryngitis, which vary according to the cause of the inflammation.

If laryngitis is triggered by bacteria , it is important to take the right antibiotics , prescribed by the doctor after a specific visit.

If, on the other hand, it is caused by a virus, antibiotics do not help and the measures to be taken are supportive ones, such as resting as much as possible, drinking liquids and eating soft foods , waiting for the pathology to run its course.

Finally, laryngitis can also depend on reflux and in this case, taking an antacid can help reduce the accumulation of acid in the stomach that could cause it.



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