Lower Cholesterol

Lower Cholesterol


Lowering cholesterol  is the fundamental imperative for anyone with  blood cholesterol values  ​​above normal, especially in a context of  cardiovascular risk (such as, for example, diabetes ).

Readers are reminded that the desirable value for  blood cholesterol  should not exceed 200  mg/dl .

How to Lower Cholesterol

Strategies for Lowering Cholesterol

The first and fundamental corrective approach to lowering cholesterol is the dietary one which must be associated with physical regularity and the abandonment of dangerous vices and incorrect behaviors, such as smoking for example .

In fact , by combining a healthy and balanced diet with regular physical activity , important results can be obtained in terms of lowering cholesterol. In particular:

  • Reduction of total cholesterolemia ;
  • Reduction of the so-called bad cholesterol ( LDL cholesterol );
  • Increased good cholesterol ( HDL cholesterol).

All this leads, consequently, to a reduction in cardiovascular risk.

The above healthy lifestyle (balanced diet + exercise) is in a sense the first-line treatment for lowering cholesterol. If this treatment is not effective or is not sufficient to bring blood cholesterol levels back to desirable values, the doctor treating the patient may deem it necessary to resort to the use of specific drugs to lower cholesterol .

Between the adoption of a correct lifestyle and drug treatment, however, there is the great world of food supplements . Some of these products have a mechanism of action and efficacy similar to that of actual high cholesterol medications .


Diet to lower cholesterol

When we talk about a diet to lower cholesterol, we want to refer to a particular diet whose purpose is, precisely, to normalize cholesterol levels when they are excessively high or in any case above the values ​​considered normal.

We specify, however, that diet is able to influence blood cholesterol values ​​only in a small percentage (10-20%), as our body has an effective hepatic synthesis mechanism thanks to which it is possible to meet the needs metabolic processes of the body without depending excessively on the quantities introduced with the diet. In fact, let us remember that if on the one hand it is true that high levels of cholesterol are dangerous for health, on the other hand cholesterol is a precious molecule that performs important functions in the body.

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Furthermore, directly from the MypersonaltrainerTv studies, all the secrets to lower cholesterol naturally, described in a video that is as long (47 minutes) as it is exhaustive. Not to be missed!


Supplements to Lower Cholesterol

As mentioned, the vast world of food interactors to lower cholesterol comes between a healthy lifestyle and the intake of specific drugs.

Products of this type can be used – after medical advice – when a balanced diet and regular physical exercise are not sufficient to restore optimal cholesterol levels.

more precise and detailed information is available here:

There are many commercially available cholesterol-lowering dietary supplements that can contain different ingredients. Some examples are represented by:

  • Omega 3 ;
  • Fiber ;
  • Red yeast rice or monacolin K extracted from it;
  • Chitosan .


Cholesterol Lowering Drugs

In the event that lifestyle improvements and/or dietary supplements are not effective in lowering cholesterol, your doctor may decide to prescribe drug therapy. The drugs that can be used in the treatment of too high cholesterol are:

  • Statins (such as fluvastatin , rosuvastatin , atorvastatin , lovastatin , pravastatin ) ;
  • Fibrates (such as fenofibrate , bezofibrate, and gemfibrozil ) ;
  • Bile acid sequestrant resins ( such as cholestyramine );
  • Ezetimibe ; _
  • The acipimox .


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