The healthiest takeout to order

The healthiest takeout to order

Order healthier takeout

During the current closure period there is a significant increase in takeaway and delivery food orders. Lunches and dinners are mainly eaten at home and often prepared by restaurants or food chains that deliver numerous and different preparations, from traditional Italian dishes to ethnic ones. Ordering meals, however, must not cancel the pre-set healthy food goals or hinder the adoption of  balanced dietsand suitable for the treatment of certain pathologies. With the right know-how and the right attention to the raw materials used in the preparation of meals, it is possible to choose among the healthiest options available for each type of cuisine and, at the same time, support local commercial activities which in the current historical moment are are in financial difficulty. The fundamental rule is, also in this case, not to exceed , therefore do not take away more than twice a week . When a dish is cooked at home, in fact, you can adjust doses, seasonings , read nutritional values ​​on the labels , balancing all the nutrients. When ordering healthier takeout , it’s smart to ask the restaurateur a few more questions about cooking methods and ingredients.

Healthier takeaways: the right portions

One of the fundamental rules when ordering take-away food, choosing healthy and balanced dishes, is to control portions to avoid taking more food than necessary and wasting food which , if left over, would turn into waste. Lack of awareness about portion sizes is often the reason people struggle to control their weight . In recent years, numerous studies have shown that the size of take-away food portions has increased, a key factor that should not be underestimated for the onset of certain pathologies such as obesity, diabetes , cardiovascular and gastrointestinal disorders and hypercholesterolemia .. In this regard, it is useful to know the seasonal foods that can regulate blood sugar levels and keep diabetes under control or prevent its onset. Typically, takeout portions can be larger than the recommended portion . A healthy dish  includes:

  • ¼ protein , such as lean meat , fish , poultry, eggs or legumes .
  • ¼ whole grains , such as pasta , bread , starchy vegetables .
  • ½ of vegetables , such as salad, mixed vegetables or cooked vegetables.

Cereals in particular are perfect for iron intake, especially at breakfast .

When choosing takeaway foods, also favor functional foods that improve skin aging. or those that contain little sodium, which if taken in large quantities can be harmful and often the desire for salt hides other problems .

Tips for ordering healthier take-out

  • Avoid hidden substances. Takeout food is usually high in sugar , salt , saturated fat , and low in dietary fiber . The main objective of take-out food is to be delicious, a comfort food that can hide its own higher amounts of sugar , fat and salt to make it tastier.
  • Avoid “beige” foods . “Beige” or light-colored foods are classified as low in flavor, low in fiber , and high in carbohydrates and fat. They are ingredients, or dishes, to be eaten only rarely, once a month, when following a healthy and controlled diet. They include: hamburgers , pizza , dishes rich in butter or cream , pastries or fried foods , sauces and toppings because they are high in fat and salt.
  • Choose healthier cooking methods. When ordering take-out food it is recommended to opt for healthier cooking options such as grilled, steamed , stewed or fresh. Also look for ways to include more veggies.
  • Check the nutritional intake. Some restaurants and food chains indicate the nutritional values ​​of a specific dish directly on their website. If they are not available, there are numerous platforms and apps to download on your mobile phone that allow you to calculate the calories of a dish, adding up those of the individual ingredients.

The healthiest dishes of different ethnic cuisines

Among the healthiest take-away foods , practical for a lunch break or a dinner to share with the family, there are tasty salads , grilled meats, mixes of cereals and vegetables. Often, when ordering dishes at home, we tend to want to experiment with new cuisines, with different tastes, ethnic flavors . The choice, in this case, will have to be made taking into consideration some factors such as the ingredients of the dish, the cooking method , the condiments traditionally used in a given cuisine. Here, the best choices in case of:


  • Steamed/boiled dumplings or bao
  • Broth -based soups with noodles or lean meat
  • Steamed, braised , stir-fried – fish, seafood , lean beef, skinless chicken , tofu with vegetables

Avoid:  Sweet and sour pork and spring rolls


  • Tikka or tandoori dishes
  • Tomato- based curry , such as Vindaloo
  • Lentils , chickpea -based curry

Avoid: Butter chicken and fried samosas


  • Burrito, fajita, soft taco
  • Salsa, guacamole and lime
  • Grilled corn on the cob

To avoid :  churros and nachos


  • Sushi with vegetables, fish, prawns , egg, tofu, seafood, avocado
  • Steamed gyoza
  • Soba noodle soup

In moderation : ramen, chicken kaarage; soy sauce because it is rich in salt.
Avoid: tempura

Pizza and Burgers 

  • Small thin pizza with vegetable toppings (limit cured meats and fatty cheeses )
  • Chicken burger or grilled meat with wholemeal bread  and, if available, fresh salad, tomatoes , cucumbers , onions

Avoid: French fries, cheddar , bacon, soda , sauces



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