The right diet after 50 years

The right diet after 50 years

As the years go by staying in shape seems to be an increasingly difficult goal . The reasons are various, starting from the metabolism which slows down considerably after a certain age and from the difficulty in finding time and energy to train constantly.

However, this does not mean that you have to give up but, on the contrary, rethink your habits from a different perspective, especially as regards food. Following the right diet after 50 is essential.

What is the most suitable diet after the age of 50?

To keep your weight under control over the age of fifty, and with it a good level of health, it is very important to follow a diet that is as healthy as possible, which is mainly based on the cornerstones of the food pyramid of the Mediterranean diet , suitable from 18 at 65 years old.

According to this model, 55-69% of the daily calories to be taken should come from carbohydrates, 15% from proteins and about 25-30% from fats.

The carbohydrates to be included in the diet are bread , pasta, rice and other cereals . Except for intolerances or pathologies that prohibit their consumption, these foods are suitable for everyone without distinction. What changes is only the quantity, which must decrease hand in hand with the advancement of age.

As far as proteins are concerned , however, with aging it would be better to progressively increase the consumption of vegetable ones and decrease animal ones .

Sweets after the age of 50 should be reduced to a minimum , also because it is precisely from this age on that the probability of developing metabolic diseases such as diabetes exponentially increases .

Same thing for fats , especially animal fats, responsible for the worsening of pathologies related to the cardio vascular system.

On the contrary, however, what must not decrease is the intake of water , despite the fact that with the progressive advancement of age the feeling of thirst fades. The ideal would be for women to drink at least two liters a day and men two and a half, giving preference to calcium and sulphate-magnesium mineral waters .

There are foods that when eaten together increase their benefits.

Precautions to follow after the age of 50

In addition to these general rules, there are some specific precautions which, after the age of 50, it would be better to follow as scrupulously as possible.

First of all, vegetables should be present in every meal , seasoned however in a light and healthy way and therefore limited to a little salt , extra virgin olive oil and, if you like, vinegar . In this way, in addition to introducing the typical nutrients of these foods, a beneficial fat such as oil is integrated into one’s diet .

Cereals are among the most recommended carbohydrates, so if you want to break up the morning or afternoon with healthy snacks , in addition to the classic fruit, you can consume snacks or cereal bars , as long as they don’t contain an excessive amount of sugar .

In this sense, it is better to be wary even of those that present themselves as fat-free because very often this absence is compensated for with a surplus of sugars , which keep the taste unchanged as much as possible .

On the other hand, junk food and sugary carbonated drinks should be eliminated completely or at least severely limited .

Psychological problems related to incorrect nutrition

The reasons why, especially from middle age, people struggle to stay fit can also be of a psychological nature .

Cases of convulsive and nervous eating are in fact increasingly frequent and often occur after a period of great stress , following severe pain or in conjunction with a state of depression.

Similar events, in addition to being harmful to the psyche, can lead to considerable weight gain which in the most serious cases reaches obesity.

Fortunately, although it is not easy to do it, there are ways to fight this disease.

First of all, it is essential to acknowledge the problem and, if you realize that you cannot deal with it on your own, seek help from a specialist.

Next, you need to leverage your willpower and not feel excessively guilty if you occasionally feel the need to fall into temptation. The journey, in fact, could be long and some stumbling blocks are part of it.

How to deal with the arrival of menopause

Menopause occurs in women around the age of 50 and this physiological event generates a hormonal change that has repercussions on many aspects, including that of nutrition .

In this period of life, the most important indication is to consume foods rich in calcium , such as dairy products, and also integrate it with other foods that are rich in it, such as some types of fish , such as sardines and canned salmon , broccoli and legumes .

Even iron with menopause tends to decrease and to keep it at suitable levels you should take at least 8 milligrams a day.

Alcohol intake should be limited, while to keep weight under control, the consumption of vegetable proteins can be slightly increased and that of carbohydrates decreased, especially if they come from sweet foods.

After a certain age , not only the metabolism changes but also the body odor .



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