Christmas gifts for those who love healthy cooking: air fryers, extractors, instant pots and much more

Christmas gifts for those who love healthy cooking: air fryers, extractors, instant pots and much more

Christmas gifts for those who love healthy cooking

Today is  Black Friday 2022  and what better opportunity to start thinking about Christmas gifts. If you are passionate about healthy cooking or you have relatives and friends who love to cook healthy, then you know how to make them happy. We have selected items from the Amazon store divided by category, so that you can choose those of your interest more easily and we have compiled a classic of the 10 most useful gifts for healthy cooking . Take a look at our offers!

Top 10 Christmas gifts for healthy cooking

  1. COSORI CP158-AF – Air Fryer
  2. Electrolux E6AF1-4ST Air Fryer
  3. Classe Italy Cold juice extractor
  4. AMZCHEF Fruit and vegetable extractor
  5. AMZCHEF Professional Blender 
  6. Imetec CakeLover, planetary mixer for cakes
  7. Russell Hobbs Steamer
  8. Cecotec Multifunction kitchen robot
  9. Crock-Pot Express Multicooker 
  10. Eono Digital kitchen scale

Air fryers

The air fryer is an appliance that does not use oil but which, as the name clearly suggests, fries using a jet of hot air. This type of frying  is anomalous compared to the traditional one, however it allows to obtain foods that are crunchy on the outside and soft and well cooked on the inside. Furthermore, air fryers usually allow you to carry out other types of  cooking : grilling, roasting, etc. The frying obtained through this kitchen appliance is lighter and healthier.

Below we offer you some air fryers that we have selected for you on Amazon:


Cosori Air Fryer allows you to cook in a healthier way, reducing fat by 85% but maintaining the same crunchy and tender taste of frying . It has 11 cooking programs.

Electrolux E6AF1-4ST Air Fryer

The Electrolux air fryer offers a healthier way to enjoy your favorite fries; a stream of hot air circulates to heat the ingredients from all angles for a crunchy and natural taste. It has 8 cooking programs.

Moulinex EZ4018 Easy Fry Deluxe Fryer

By purchasing this fryer you will be able to enjoy healthy frying with the 4 cooking possibilities: frying, roasting, grilling and cooking; choose the recipe you prefer!

Extractors and blenders

The extractors and blenders allow you to obtain fresh and genuine extracts and juices, made with the best ingredients and 100% natural.

Below we offer you some extractors and blenders that you can find on Amazon and that you can buy and give away at Christmas!

Classe Italy Cold juice extractor

This juice extractor works at low speed, crushes fruit and vegetables without overheating and without altering the nutrients . You will get immediate energy with a higher supply of vitamins , minerals and enzymes thanks to your homemade juice.

AMZCHEF Fruit and vegetable extractor

This juicer combines 3 functions: making juice, grinding meat and slicing vegetables. All in one appliance. It adopts an upgraded 7-coil system, powerful motor and slow mashing technology, which can easily extract the juice of various fruits and vegetables, with a juice extraction rate of 90%.

Electrolux ESB2500 Sportsblender Mini Blender

Making a delicious smoothie is a snap using the Sportsblender Blender. Blend, unscrew and drink. Perfect for sports and healthy life lovers , it is very easy to use, clean and transport.


The planetary mixer is a very useful appliance in the kitchen for those who love to prepare healthy and homemade food. This kneading machine allows you to prepare your favorite doughs for cakes, pizza , bread and homemade  pasta .

We offer you some that we have selected for you, to give you or give away at Christmas!

Imetec CakeLover, Planetary Mixer

All the accessories (silicone spatulas, double stainless steel whisks, double kneading blades, double aluminum hooks ) work in synergy with the technology which combines the planetary movement of the whisks and blades with the circular movement of the silicone spatulas for an excellent result.

6 speeds with Pulse function to work at different consistencies: low speeds for mixing and kneading, high speeds for whipping cream and egg whites , avoiding splashes.

KASANOVA Planetary mixer

The Kasanova handyman mixer is ideal for creating tasty recipes simply and quickly thanks to its features and accessories. The Splash Guard Cover will avoid dirt and splashes everywhere.

The supplied accessories are: die-cast whisk, die-cast dough hook, 1 egg beater , 1 bowl lid.

COOKLEE Planetary Mixer 

Multi-function electric mixer is the perfect creative gift for family and friends – the best cooking assistant in the kitchen. It can be used to make cake, dough, ice , egg, bread dough, thick dough, caespure, pure cream.

The 8L food grade stainless steel mixing bowl can meet all your needs in the kitchen. The electric cake mixer has a practical 10+1 speed control function which allows you to make different uses and different recipes.


The steamer can be a valid ally for those who love to cook healthy, to steam food and maintain its nutrients. It usually consists of three trays to cook different foods at the same time and a tank where to put the water.

Here are some selected ones on Amazon’s website:

Russell Hobbs Steamer

The Russel steamer consists of three trays with a diameter of 24 cm, 25 cm and 26 cm. It has a 60-minute timer with auto shut-off and a capacity of 9 litres


Elegant container for cooking and lid in borosilicate glass with anti-scald handles , for serving directly at the table and dishwasher safe. The die-cast steam boiler generates steam in just 30 seconds.

Beper BC.250 Steamer 

The 800W electric steamer is fast, efficient and BFA Free. Great for healthy meat, fish , rice , seafood and vegetables . The 60-minute timer prepares smoke -free and low- calorie foods . Comes with three tier stackable and removable clear containers.

Kitchen robot

Food processors are excellent allies in the kitchen. This is the best time to give or treat yourself to one.

Here are some selected ones on Amazon’s website:

Cecotec Multifunction kitchen robot 

Cecotec is a multifunctional food processor. 37 functions including cooking with step by step precision, cooking in a bain marie, slow cooking, low temperature cooking, turbo function, stew, pizza, etc.

With the Mambo app for smartphones you will have unlimited step-by-step guided recipes.

Moulinex HF9345 I Companion Touch 

14 automatic programs allow you to cook, boil, steam, brown, mix, knead and whip with a simple touch of the screen; and with the manual mode you can set the duration, temperature and speed.

You can consult the recipes and video tutorials, step by step directly on the touchscreen of the food processor, to cook like a real chef.

Instant Pot

Pressure cooker , sauté pan, steamer, slow cooker, rice cooker, chafing dish and yogurt maker – all of this is the Instant Pot . If you have heard of it or if you are curious about this appliance, here are some models that we have chosen for you.

Crock-Pot Express Multicooker 

The Crock-pot is a multi cooker that allows you to prepare tasty and healthy meals up to 70% faster than the traditional oven or hob, with a capacity of 5.6 l

It has four cooking modes: slow cooker; simmering; steaming; browning (Saute)

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

This slow cooker, low temperature slow cooking pot, has a capacity of 5.7 L, suitable for up to 6-8 people.

It has two cooking settings: Low (traditional cooking program, at least 6/8 hours) and High (rapid cooking program, at least 4 hours), warm function: keeping warm at the end of cooking.

Crockpot Slow Cooker

With the two cooking settings: Low (traditional cooking program, at least 6/8 hours) and High (rapid cooking program, at least 4 hours) and the warm function: keeping warm at the end of cooking, this low cooker, slow cooking at low temperature, it has a capacity of 4.7 L, suitable for up to 5-6 people.

Kitchen scales

The kitchen scale is very useful in the kitchen to prepare your recipes with precision or when you need to weigh the right amount of food to eat.

Among the models on Amazon, we have chosen these models for you.

Eono Digital kitchen scale

The Eono kitchen scale with 4 precision sensors weighs up to 10 kg with an accuracy of 1 g; minimum detectable weight: 6 – 10 g.

It’s easy to use: with TARE and UNIT buttons, quick tare and conversion between g, kg, ml, pounds:ounces and fluid ounces; It has a large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display.

ETEKCITY Digital Kitchen Scale

Its elegant and robust design is made of easy-to-clean stainless steel for a longer duration of use; has a removable bowl (1.96L) for versatile uses; ideal for mixing multiple ingredients with precision.

THUN – Libra – Kitchen

This Thun kitchen scale is perfect for a country style kitchen. It is made of stainless steel with decorations in the unmistakable Thun style. Beautiful and functional, a nice Christmas present.



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