Gastritis: nutrition and natural remedies

Gastritis: nutrition and natural remedies


Some natural remedies can facilitate the resolution of certain health problems: one of the most common is undoubtedly gastritis . In this article we will give a brief explanation of the disease, illustrating the natural remedies that can help speed up healing, supporting any medications prescribed by the doctor. As we will see, even common foods can provide valuable support for gastritis treatments .


What is gastritis?

Gastritis is an acute or chronic disorder characterized by inflammation of the stomach walls, accompanied by gastric pain, nausea , cramps and bloating .
Often, gastritis is not the result of a single factor, since the disorder is multifactorial, i.e. dependent on multiple causes. It is no coincidence that many times the problem is based on a genetic predisposition which adds up to an unbalanced diet and an incorrect lifestyle. Stress should also be considered as an etiological factor , which nowadays is practically omnipresent in the western population, affecting both sexes of all ages without distinction. Even a missfood education , climate change, sedentary lifestyle , infections, smoking and the frenetic pace of work can be causes that enhance gastritis.Typical symptoms of gastritis include :

  • Aerophagia ,
  • bad breath ,
  • anorexia ,
  • bitter mouth ,
  • heartburn ,
  • bad digestion ,
  • Nausea
  • I vomit .

Natural remedies

To prevent gastritis on a functional basis, therefore separated from organic, iatrogenic ( drug- induced gastritis ) or autoimmune diseases, there are some measures which are essentially based on correcting eating habits :

  • Don’t mix protein with carbohydrates
  • Avoid excess coffee and wine
  • Do not smoke and do not drink alcohol
  • Chew slowly
  • Consume fruit between meals, because it can create swelling
  • Avoid fried foods
  • Always have lunch and dinner at the same time

In general, if people predisposed to gastritis respect these rules, the problem will be easier to overcome. Nature has always offered a vast quantity of products: it is up to man to treasure or not these offers. Natural therapies, if correctly applied, can be of great help in alleviating ailments and “strengthening” the stomach and intestines .

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A correct lifestyle can be associated with natural remedies that reduce heartburn caused by gastritis: chamomile , cabbage, carrot, potato, licorice , mallow . Baking soda is also widely used as a quick remedy for acidity and heartburn, but in some cases it can exacerbate the problem.

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Its essential oil is used to relax the stomach muscles; thanks to this action, called antispasmodic , chamomile gives relief from cramps and abdominal pain . The habit of drinking a highly concentrated chamomile -based tea is a good prevention against relapses of gastritis.


Cabbage boasts healing properties for the mucous membranes of the digestive tract : a glass of cabbage juice, associated with carrot and blueberry juice (which not only correct the taste, but give a good antioxidant power ), could lighten gastritis.


The carrot, rich in pectin – which can settle as a sort of gel on the gastric walls, protecting them from the acid insult – contains another substance that protects the mucous membrane from attack by microorganisms: beta- carotene . The precursor of vitamin A is therefore classified as an excellent natural remedy against gastritis, also because it could favor the healing of any wounds ( ulcer ).


POTATO The potato boasts emollient
properties , as well as placating inflammation in the stomach, causing a pleasant sensation of relief.



It would be a good habit to chew pieces of licorice to relieve the discomfort caused by gastritis. In the event that the subject suffers from hypertension, licorice is not recommended , because in high doses it promotes a rise in blood pressure.


A mallow-based infusion is also useful in case gastritis is associated with repeated abdominal cramps: mallow is a good natural remedy that gives relief to an irritated stomach.


The most important constituents of tea , in case of gastritis associated with ulcers, are flavonoids , which stimulate healing. However , caffeine tends to decrease the tightness of the lower gastroesophageal sphincter , promoting reflux .


Bicarbonate is used to increase the pH of the stomach and therefore make the gastric environment less acidic; consequently, the burning sensation will be reduced by protecting the gastric mucosa from excessive acidity.
It is advisable to dissolve a teaspoon of bicarbonate in a little water and drink it all.

Sodium bicarbonate is contraindicated in case of hypertension and should never be taken together with too abundant meals (in the gastric environment it develops CO2, which distends the walls of the stomach, favoring acid secretion, among other things: see the article dedicated to antacid drugs ) .


In case gastritis appears as a very frequent ailment, the herbalist’s advice is to regulate the diet, preferring foods such as carrots , fennel and potatoes , and natural remedies such as licorice , passion flower , chamomile , lemon balm , camomile , anise , cumin , rosemary , thyme , flax , aloe , , marshmallow , Icelandic lichen , mallow , apple ,nettle .


After this analysis, the meaning of many verbal expressions of common language, which associate the stomach with some emotions, is even more understandable:

“How many do I have to swallow!”
“I can’t digest this at all!”
“The thought alone makes me nauseous!”
“I have a heavy weight on my stomach!”
“You need to have a good stomach to behave like this!”

Recommended and discouraged foods

Pepper , chilli Wholemeal rice and wholemeal pasta
Alcohol , coffee Oats and brown rice
Cocoa Sesame seeds
Citrus , sour fruit Orange vegetables (source of beta-carotene ), but not citrus fruits
Dried fruit Potatoes
Tomatoes Cabbage

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