Dental health: which fruit is more suitable?

Dental health: which fruit is more suitable?

To preserve your smile and try to maintain the health of your teeth and oral cavity as much as possible , there are many good daily practices. In addition to making sure you always have excellent oral hygiene , one of the good resolutions to carry forward is also to stay away from sweets as much as possible , especially candies, or to brush your teeth immediately after eating them.

These culinary pleasures are often consumed during the day as tasty snacks , but despite generating many good sensations, they can be quite dangerous for dental health.

However, there are many other foods that , on the contrary, help keep the oral cavity healthy, such as fruit .

Fruits that are good for your teeth

Contrary to what one might think, despite being high in sugar , fruit can also be good for your teeth . In particular, some types.

Here are which ones.

Fruit that doesn’t stick to the teeth

When it comes to oral hygiene, anything that doesn’t stick to your teeth is welcome . As far as fruit is concerned, the best specimens in this respect are apples, pears and grapes , because in addition to not sticking to the teeth, they leave the palate and oral cavity immediately clean after chewing.

But the benefits of apples on teeth don’t end there. When you eat it, in fact, the production of saliva in the mouth increases, thus favoring the elimination of bacteria and food residues .

It certainly cannot be said that biting into it is like brushing your teeth using toothpaste , but doing it after a meal is a great way to clean your mouth , waiting for you to have everything you need to wash thoroughly.

On the contrary, fruits that have a good chance of leaving residues in the oral cavity or in the spaces between the teeth, such as bananas , should be avoided as much as possible . This, in fact, can lead to the formation of bacteria, and consequently increase the risk of tooth decay .

Fruit that satisfies

This feature generates an indirect benefit . If during the day you regularly eat foods that fill you up , in fact, you are less likely to want to snack on sweets that are harmful to your teeth.

Among the fruit that generates the greatest sense of fullness, we still find apples , but also pears . Both are rich in fiber , which in addition to satiating are incredibly beneficial for the whole body, help self-cleanse and clean the teeth and massage the gums while chewing.

But is there a moment of the day better than another to eat fruit?

Fruits rich in vitamin C

It is a known fact that vitamin C boasts remarkable beneficial properties for the whole body, but not everyone knows that it is also very useful for preserving the health of teeth and gums. Specifically, vitamin C prevents gingival inflammation and collagen decay , without which, the gums lose tone and risk sagging, sagging and leaving the dental collar uncovered, often following bad brushing of the teeth.

Kiwis and strawberries are among the fruits with the highest concentration of vitamin C, followed immediately by citrus fruits . Another positive effect of them is to prevent the natural yellowing of the teeth due to time and the consumption of drinks such as wine and coffee.

Although they are a panacea, with some citrus fruits one should not exaggerate. In fact, grapefruit and lemon have a highly acidic content and can damage tooth enamel , so it is good to consume them in moderation and rinse your mouth very well immediately afterwards.

Berries and colored varieties

Even the cranberry is a fruit that is very good for the teeth, because it releases antioxidants that hinder the action of the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. However, even in this case it is better to limit its consumption, in order to avoid a side effect, namely the dark pigmentation of the teeth and of the composite fillings and cements.

Similarly, colored fruit also helps a lot to preserve the health of the oral cavity , because it is rich in vitamin A , essential for strengthening bones and teeth. Melon , peaches , apricots , mango , papaya , cherries and watermelon , the most suitable varieties.

Fruits to fight inflammation of the gums

In addition to the specificities of each individual specimen, a general and recognized benefit of incorporating more fruit into daily meals and snacks is that these foods actually help improve gum health .

Although it may seem strange, given that fruit contains a lot of sugar , enemy of teeth and kind, there is a study to support this thesis.

In fact, a group of researchers divided 30 healthy people into two groups, adding fruit to one’s diet, while nuts to the other’s . Although people in the fruit group ingested more fructose than those in the nut group, their gums were relatively healthier and stronger over the two-month study period, likely due to the micronutrients contained in fruit.



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