Hemp vegetables: the new superfoods

Hemp vegetables: the new superfoods


The use of hemp for therapeutic purposes, and of CBD as a daily use for the treatment of various ailments, from migraine to menstrual pain , to insomnia , is now consolidated. From hemp, however, a real super food could also be born. Not a food produced with hemp flour or oil for desserts, but micro vegetables ,  microgreens in English, i.e. tender leaves not to be confused with sprouts , which could give way to a new diet : the hemp plant could be eaten whole, when it is larger than a shoot but not yet developed. A study has highlighted the many beneficial nutritional aspects of these micro vegetables, destined to become real super foods.

Hemp micro vegetables: new super food

Hemp micro-vegetables that boast numerous benefits , when the cycle of the plant is still in the initial vegetative phase, i.e. in the germination phase following that of the common sprouts of a few days of life. For this reason it is erroneous to speak of hemp sprouts (which would be ready in 2 or 3 days, and should be eaten with the seed), and it is correct to define micro vegetables as those seedlings born from one week to up to three weeks of life  . The nutraceutical properties of the small green leaves of hemp are multiple, and like all baby vegetables , much more beneficial than the sprouts and the fully mature plant. 

What are micro vegetables?

Micro vegetables are vegetables in the initial stage of growth that are obtained from vegetable plants, herbaceous and aromatic species of various types. They are widely used by great chefs to enrich various dishes: they are beautiful to look at and good to eat. Not only that, they are good for health because the content of mineral salts , vitamins and nutrients is also higher than that of sprouts and adult plants.

The study on hemp micro vegetables

A scientific study published in Food Research International , carried out by a group of Italian researchers from the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Federico II University of Naples, analyzed 6 different certified industrial hemp cultivars, highlighting its nutritional components of these varieties such as micro vegetables.

The results, directly from the study summary: “Six cultivars were evaluated for the yield and composition of organic acids, amino acids , polyphenols and phytocannabinoids. The bioactive composition was strongly related to the hemp variety. The Silvana variety  demonstrated the highest total amino acid and essential amino acid content, high concentrations of cannflavins A and B, and moderate levels of cannabidiol and cannabigerol.Finola   was distinguished by the highest concentration of total cannflavins and polyphenols, and the lowest Δ9-THC levels.Regardless of the varietal differences, hemp microgreens  have proven to be largely safe in terms of Δ9-THC content”.


Beneficial properties

Hemp microgreens could become the food of the future (a maximum consumption of 100 grams per day would have no side effects), because they are really interesting from a nutritional point of view. For example, they contain amino acids , phenolic acids , flavonoids , and  non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids . Hemp microgreens have a decidedly lower concentration of  oxalates than other species. They also contain  high quality  protein with all essential amino acids.


CBD: what is it and what properties does it have?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical found in the  Cannabis sativa plant . The two main ingredients of cannabis are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD. THC is the intoxicating and psychotropic substance, while CBD is not, and would have a beneficial function for the body that would act on the brain to control pain , stress and mood. Under strict medical supervision, CBD is prescribed for the treatment of seizures , multiple sclerosis , psychosis , anxiety attacks , but also Crohn’s disease , diabetes , sleep disordersheroin, morphine and opioid withdrawal .

An uncontrolled and do-it-yourself intake of CBD could seriously damage the liver and compromise liver functions . Do not use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding .



European regulation

Can hemp micro vegetables be consumed in Italy? To date only in the state of New York, as also confirmed by Frederick II scholars, some farmers are growing hemp micro-vegetables, selling these tender “baby salads ” with a strong flavor , at a price higher than 60 dollars per kilo .

At European level, the regulation of foods with CBD and their inclusion among Novel foods is still ongoing , which saw the process halted in the middle of last year by the European Commission, and is still awaiting a position statement on the topic. In E urope, however, the road could be uphill due to a legislative problem that would hinder the marketing of hemp in the form of vegetables.



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