Red radicchio is good for health and counteracts aging

Red radicchio is good for health and counteracts aging

Red radicchio is a typical vegetable of the autumn and winter period but it is easily available all year round. In addition to being excellent to taste and suitable for cooking in different ways, it is extremely beneficial for health , thanks to its many nutritional properties.

Characteristics and composition of red radicchio

Radicchio is part of the chicory group and includes several varieties within it, some natural, others the result of hybridization induced by horticulturists over the years . However, the most common and most used in the kitchen is red radicchio .

An 80 gram portion of fresh red radicchio contains :

  • 75.2 grams of water;
  • 15 grams of protein ;
  • o.1 grams of lipids;
  • 1.3 grams of available carbohydrates;
  • 1.3 grams of soluble sugars ;
  • 2.4 grams of fiber ;
  • 8 grams of sodium ;
  • 192 micrograms of potassium ;
  • 29 micrograms of calcium ;
  • 24 micrograms of phosphorus ;
  • 0.2 micrograms of iron ;
  • 0.06 micrograms of thiamine ;
  • 0.04 micrograms of riboflavin ;
  • 0.24 micrograms of niacin ;
  • 8 micrograms of vitamin C.

The health benefits

Thanks to its precious components, the beneficial properties of red radicchio are various , among which the ability to slow down cellular aging and prevent the onset of some types of cancer stands out . This is confirmed by recent studies carried out by the University of Urbino, which have found a much higher presence of antioxidant substances in the vegetable than in foods better known for this property such as blueberries , chocolate and raisins .

But the positive aspects associated with the consumption of red radicchio are not limited to this.

The water present in large quantities makes this vegetable extremely purifying , while the presence of fibers favors digestion and optimal functioning of the intestine .

Furthermore, eating 100 grams of radicchio involves the intake of only 19 Kcal and thanks to this low calorie content it is an excellent food to be included in a low-calorie nutritional regimen for weight loss purposes .

Like all vegetables belonging to the chicory family, radicchio is also considered a light natural tonic and diuretic . These benefits are determined by the high content of vitamin C, anthocyanins , beta-carotene and iron, present in a higher quantity than in many other vegetables .

Precisely this characteristic makes radicchio a food indicated to be included in the diet of people with iron deficiency anemia , especially pregnant women.

Its anthocyanins also have preventive properties against cardiovascular diseases , while tryptophan brings benefits to the nervous system by contrasting insomnia -related disorders .

Finally, given the presence of calcium, red radicchio is an excellent ally for the health of the elderly and for children and adolescents in the growth phase because it promotes the metabolism of bones making them stronger.

All varieties of red radicchio

Radicchio rosso exists in nature with leaves in different shapes and colors, varying from deep red to carmine red and with a well-developed or lighter white central vein. Depending on the conformation it is divided into these types.

Early red chicory of Treviso IGP

This is the red radicchio par excellence and can be recognized by its narrow and long shape and the leaves which, although originally green, turn red in autumn .

After harvesting, the bunches are placed in tanks filled with running spring water and after about fifteen days and the birth of new shoots , they are subjected to grooming, washing and packaging, before being put on the market.

Late Radicchio of Treviso IGP

An equally valuable variety, it has separate longer leaves and a less bitter taste than early radicchio which makes it ideal for pinzimonio or grilled , grilled or stewed preparations . It is called late because while the early is the first of the season, this is more easily found on the market in the winter months.

Variegated radicchio of Castelfranco Igp

From an organoleptic and nutritional point of view it is considered the best radicchio because it is very rich in calcium , iron, phosphorus, magnesium and characterized by a high percentage of vitamins A , B2, C and PP . It is distinguished from the others by the leaves of a different colour, creamy white and by the fresh and delicate taste which gradually goes from sweet to bitterish. It is suitable to be eaten both raw in salads and grilled.

How to cook it

The various types of radicchio, precisely because they are different from each other, lend themselves to numerous recipes .

For an original appetizer, for example, the radicchio and walnut pate is excellent, even if the dishes capable of best enhancing its characteristics are the first courses such as the radicchio and taleggio risotto , ideal above all in the winter months because it is capable of giving warmth and energy , without being heavy.

For a light meal it can instead be combined with other vegetables or fruit such as apples in a tasty and fresh salad , or accompanied by a delicate oily fish fillet .

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