Foods to eat when you crave sugar

Foods to eat when you crave sugar


The craving for sugar is often risky because you risk exceeding the consumption of processed foods rich in fats, easily available and quick to eat. Examples are packaged snacks , spreadable creams, biscuits and high-calorie industrial cakes. To respond to a sugary need, and remedy the sudden desire for gluttony, it is however possible to eat some healthy foods , including fruit, vegetables, fermented foods and proteins. Even some good habits can counteract the continuous desire for energy .

Fruit curbs the craving for sugar

Fruits are a great source of fiber, which naturally helps balance blood sugar levels . In this sense, the researchers have shown that eating a moderate amount of fruit reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes . The type of sugar contained in fruit is fructose which has been shown to cause minor increases in blood sugar levels when taken in moderation, while still satisfying the sweet tooth. And natural fruit sugars aren’t addictive : Highly processed sugary foods activate the brain ‘s reward processtriggering the constant craving for sweets, while the sugars in fruit have no such effect. The fruit that best responds to the need for sugar, without exceeding: apple , peach ,  raspberries , blackberries and blueberries , strawberries , cherries .

Need for sugars: Proteins and protein breakfast

Pairing a portion of fruit with a protein food helps keep the blood sugar level balanced. Consuming more protein can reduce food cravings. By comparing the effects of a “regular” protein breakfast , which includes 13 grams of protein, versus a high protein breakfast that includes 35 grams of protein, the experts found that a higher protein breakfast lowered cravings for sugary processed foods .

The best, most complete proteins are said to have  HIGH biological value  and are contained in  eggs ,  milk and derivatives  (therefore in  yoghurt ,  ricotta ,  cheese , etc.). Yogurt with whole grains ,  honey ,  fresh fruit  and  oilseeds  represent a  tasty breakfast and able to satisfy the need for proteins  (totally absorbable), sugars,  fats , water, mineral salts , vitamins and  dietary fiber.

Did you know that drinking…

When you go a long time without drinking water , cravings for something sweet, even without hunger , may arise. Thirst and dehydration are often confused with hunger and can lead to sugar cravings. Drinking more water, rather than consuming a sugary snack , can respond to sugar cravings. So, likewise, a freshly squeezed juice without added sweeteners .

Vegetables that satisfy the sweet tooth

Often, when cravings for something sugary arise, vegetables aren’t thought of . However, some vegetables are a valid alternative, certainly healthier. Moisturizing , full of vitamins and mineral salts , the vegetables that best respond to the desire for sweets are: carrots , celery , cucumbers , leafy vegetables such as spinach , broccoli and cabbage which contain thylakoids, structures present inside the chloroplasts which reduce the need to consume sugar.

Seeds and Spices

The seeds, in general, are fibrous and contain healthy fats and proteins, so they can be added to yogurt or porridge when craving a sweet treat. Fennel seeds are an example of this , often used in the preparation of cakes and biscuits, precisely because of their aromatic characteristic . These seeds also help in the digestive process . Chia seeds , on the other hand, are an excellent source of fiber and omega-3 fats , and they increase feelings of satiety. Adding chia seeds to yoghurt or vegetable drink at breakfast leads to less calories being consumed at main meals.

Among the spices that best respond to the desire for sweets there is undoubtedly cinnamon, which is effective for insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels. Adding ground cinnamon to toast , cappuccino , yogurt or fruit salad is a good alternative.

How to limit sugar cravings

There are some simple steps to avoid consuming large amounts of sugar. Between these:

  • eat a protein breakfast;
  • limit complex carbohydrates ;
  • eat at regular intervals, such as every 3 to 4 hours;
  • consume foods with a sour or bitter taste;
  • eating fermented foods ;
  • make sure you get enough sleep. People who don’t get enough sleep may have more frequent cravings, especially for sugary foods,
  • keep boredom and stress at bay , and therefore avoid conceiving food as something able to comfort and act as an antidepressant .


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