How to eat healthy and lose weight during the Christmas holidays

How to eat healthy and lose weight during the Christmas holidays

Usually the end of the calendar year and the imminent arrival of the Christmas holidays coincides with a greater number of lunches, dinners , aperitifs and outings with friends and colleagues, which lead to following a much less regular diet.

Almost inevitable consequences: bloating or weight gain . Yet eating healthy should be a good habit that is always valid.

Regenerate on vacation

However, this year, due to the Covid -19 pandemic which prohibits gatherings and imposes social distancing, the holidays could coincide with a regenerating detox period.

If the idea of ​​spending a lonely Christmas can be scary, the positive side could in fact be to use the time normally used for socializing to take care of yourself .

“The adverse circumstances of 2020 in many respects actually represent a golden opportunity to give yourself a healthy life,” explains personal trainer Brandon Nichols.

In fact, everyone will have many hours to spend at home , which could be used to cook healthy and nutritious food , do gymnastics and relax, thus doing good for their physical and mental health.

How to start the healthy path

But how can the Christmas holidays be made the healthiest time of year  from a food point of view?

First of all by debunking some false myths.

As much as most people think they gain weight at this stage of the year, the truth is that it almost never does.

One of the most innovative diets is called the META protocol .

According to many studies, in fact, an average of just over half a kilo would be gained during the Christmas period.

It is often the feeling of bloating that makes one believe that one has gained weight but, as nutritionist Kelli McGrane says, «It is important to distinguish between weight gain due to an increase in body fat and temporary bloating. Many holiday foods are high in sodium and this could lead to not drinking as much water as you eat. A mechanism that generates a momentary increase in weight the following day».

The most immediate solution is not to step on the scale after a heavier meal than usual and, when you feel swollen, drink plenty of water and exercise . Healthy eating starts here.

Don’t forget about sports

In fact, practicing sport is the best way to activate the body, which is often more static than usual during the holidays.

In order not to give in to laziness, it is essential to learn the pleasure of moving to obtain general well-being , and not just to lose weight. Making fitness part of your daily routine is a great way to do this, such as a walk after lunch every day or a dance in the living room.

Here are the best physical activities which, combined with a balanced diet, can help you lose weight .

Doing seated exercises could also   be helpful.

Wellness at the table

With the strange Christmas just around the corner, it can be natural not to want to abandon consolidated traditions , such as cooking dishes that you don’t have time to prepare during the year.

Instead of giving it up, you can take the opportunity to do it in a healthy way , without completely depriving yourself of the pleasures of the table.

The ideal would be to be able to balance the two aspects: indulge in a few more culinary extravagances than usual, but accompany it with just as many healthy dishes .

The important thing is to be careful not to eat too much, but focus only on preparing a maximum of three or four recipes, and above all eliminate the sense of guilt .

When you want to lose or maintain your weight, you often tend to think in an absolutist way, denying yourself any mistake or throwing yourself into despair if you commit it.

This attitude , however, is wrong and does not help either the mood or the figure.

Instead of completely avoiding gratifying foods , it’s better to eat them but in smaller quantities. Healthy eating is also this.

Healthy recycling

Even recycling can be dedicated to well-being . No matter how hard you try, leftovers are never lacking at Christmas but instead of throwing them away, they can be reinvented and serve as a basis for the next few days’ meals.

Even better if rich in vegetables or proteins , the essential elements for a healthy and detox dish, necessary after a few days of abuse.

No to liquid calories

Another way not to take in extra calories is to avoid or limit liquid calories as much as possible .

Alcohol , hot cocoa , sweetened coffee or other sweet beverages contribute to a large number of empty calories , which provide no nutrition and should therefore be reduced as much as possible.

How to overcome emotional hunger

Spending a lot of time at home, the risk is to see levels of stress , boredom and uncertainty increase , which could lead to the development of emotional hunger and a decrease in motivation to maintain a healthy diet.

To avoid giving in, it can be useful to plan your days, trying to always have something to do, despite the impossibility of socializing.

Working out , cooking light recipes or practicing your favorite hobby are just a few ways to do it.

Being able to maintain so much discipline is not easy but it can be done by trying to see it as a gift to yourself and remembering that keeping a regular diet also means preserving the general state of health.



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