Lack of Appetite in the Morning: Causes Inappetence at Breakfast

Lack of Appetite in the Morning: Causes Inappetence at Breakfast


There are many reasons why you don’t feel the need to eat when you wake up. In some cases, it could be due to a large dinner the night before or to natural fluctuations in hormone levels , pregnancy and typical morning sickness, ailments of various kinds. Sometimes, it can be a sign of anxiety , depression , or another health condition that requires consulting your doctor. Waiting a while before eating breakfast , trying to alternate with new ingredients or establishing healthy habits by building a morning routine can help stimulate hunger at breakfast.

Large evening meals and inappetence on awakening

One of the main reasons you may not feel hungry when you wake up is if you ate a large dinner or snack before bed the night before. This can be especially common and normal if the meal was high in fat or protein . These macronutrients can slow down stomach emptying and keep you feeling full longer, even the next morning. Proteins, in particular, can also significantly alter levels of hormones that regulate hunger and appetite , including ghrelin , theglucagon , peptide YY and cholecystokinin . Similarly, high-fat meals can alter the levels of certain hormones associated with appetite and feelings of fullness, leading to a decrease in hunger.

Lack of appetite for breakfast: hormonal fluctuations

During the night and during sleep , the levels of several hormones fluctuate. This can interfere with the need to eat and therefore with the appetite upon waking. In particular, research shows that adrenaline levels tend to be highest in the morning. This hormone can reduce appetite by slowing the rate at which the stomach empties and increasing the breakdown of carbohydrates stored in the liver and muscles to provide energy for the body. Additionally, one study noted that levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin were lowest in the morningcompared to the night before. This could also explain one of the reasons for morning inappetence. Levels of leptin , a hormone that promotes feelings of satiety, can also be higher in the morning.

Did you know that pregnancy…

Morning sickness is a disorder that occurs in about 80% of pregnant women. While nausea can occur at any time of day, it often occurs in the morning, hence its name. In most cases, it improves or disappears after 14 weeks of pregnancy. Morning sickness reduces hunger and causes bloating and delayed emptying of the stomach.

Lack of Appetite at Breakfast: Common Causes

Both anxiety and depression can cause a lack of appetite upon waking up and lead to skipping breakfast. In addition to symptoms such as sleep disturbances , fatigue and  apathy , depression can cause changes in appetite and affect the levels of certain stress hormones that reduce feelings of hunger. Even a common cold  or the flu  are linked to lack of appetite for breakfast. In some cases, these infections also limit your senses of taste and smell, which can reduce your appetite.

Other causes of inappetence in the morning:

  • Taking some medications. Many types of medications, including diuretics and antibiotics , can reduce hunger and appetite.
  • Advanced age . Decreased appetite is common among older adults and can be caused by changes in energy needs , hormones, taste or smell, and social circumstances.
  • Thyroid dysfunctions . Loss of appetite can be a sign of hypothyroidism or decreased thyroid function .
  • Ovulation . Estrogen , a female sex hormone that rises during ovulation, can reduce appetite.
  • Chronic pathologies. Some conditions such as liver disease , heart failure , kidney disease , HIV , and cancer can cause loss of appetite.

Remedies for morning inappetence

When you don’t feel hungry when you wake up, it’s better to wait a bit before having breakfast , but don’t skip it completely, as it is a very important meal for the energy intake needed for the whole day. It is important to get the nutrients you need throughout the day. It is essential to hydrate properly and not ignore the potential negative effects of not eating in the morning, such as headaches , fatigue or irritability. Taking a shower and getting ready to go out may increase the desire to feed. Another remedy for morning inappetence is to try aeat something small and high in nutrients to stimulate your appetite.

Try different alternatives for a healthy and balanced breakfast that makes you want to eat in the morning:

  • yogurt with berries and granola
  • oatmeal , sliced ​​bananas and honey
  • smoothie with spinach , fresh fruit
  • omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes  and cheese (here the cheeses suitable for coeliacs)
  • avocado and egg toast _


To build muscle it is better to eat protein for breakfast .



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