What are the foods that increase concentration and are good for the brain

What are the foods that increase concentration and are good for the brain


At work, as in study, and above all in periods of recovery after a break (such as holidays, for example), it is necessary to find the right concentration to start with and have a trained and healthy brain . Upon recovery you risk “having your head elsewhere” being more prone to distraction . Cell phone, use of social networks, video games , television and constant noise contribute to this blurring. Concentration and memory are essential for carrying out numerous daily activities, but above all for common life. There are healthy foods and behaviors that preserve the brain and allow you to be more focused and present.

How and what to eat for a healthy brain

Nutrition plays an important role in supporting concentration and memory. First of all it is good:

  • Avoid high-calorie foods
  • Avoid very fatty foods which require a considerable effort on the part of digestion and which therefore promote drowsiness
  • Do not consume snacks as a snack
  • Consume protein , vegetable or animal that help concentration.

Recommendations and “brain-friendly” foods:

  1. Morning breakfast . The most common mistake to lose concentration and ease sleepiness is certainly not having breakfast  in the morning  . A well-balanced breakfast, based on bread and jam , milk or yoghurt , or savory is essential to obtain the energy needed to face the dynamics of everyday life, at work and at school.
  2. Blue fish . The memory-enhancingproperties of fish are well known. The main beneficial factor is the content of fatty acids , essential for the correct functioning of the nervous system , such as Omega-3 and among these the ( DHA ) present in most fish, are essential for correct neuronal function . 
  3. Dried fruit  . Walnuts , almonds , pistachios have high levels of essential fatty acids which help the brain function properly. Walnuts also contain  a good amount of iron which supplies oxygen to the brain and increases mental alertness and memory capacity.
  4. Whole grains  . Refined carbohydrates ,such as white bread and pasta are enemies of concentration: when they are consumed, immediately afterwards you notice a strong drowsiness and loss of concentration due to the glycemic load and their assimilation. Choosing whole grains   can be the solution and, indeed, it can also improve memory.
  5. Fruit. Fruit, rich in water, mineral salts and vitamins helps improve the performance of our brain. It also contains antioxidants that improve memory function. Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? We do not know this and perhaps it is only a popular saying, but the most common of fruits, the apple in fact, is rich in quercitin and has significant effects on the health and functions of the brain. Berries , on the other hand, are a powerful detox for the brain: they reduce the level of toxins in the bloodstream, and also contain phytonutrients and antioxidants that promote blood flow to the brain and improve neurological activity.
  6. Avocado : is a fruit that contains monounsaturated fats that improve our cognitive efficiency. In addition to the aforementioned fat, it contains folic acid and vitamin K which are important for concentration.
  7. Vegetable  . They are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. In particular, cruciferous vegetables ( broccoli , cabbage and sprouts…) are considered an allied food of memory due to the high quantity of folic acid contained in them, capable of preventing mental aging .
  8. Dark Chocolate  . It acts on the mood, improving it, and helps concentration.
  9. Legumes  . Beans, chickpeas and lentils are a veritable mine of proteins and folic acid which feed the brain and memorize  .
  10. EVO oil is rich in  polyphenols  which slow down ageing, improve learning and memory and counteract the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer ‘s .

Tips and exercises

In addition to foods that help keep the brain healthy, there are several healthy tips and tricks to implement if you want to stay focused and performing:

  1. Concentration can be maintained at a desk if one is comfortable, and therefore has an adequate place to write and read.
  2. Turn off cell phones, television, radio and other electronic devices or you will end up being very distracted by external factors
  3. Organize your day, not only at work, but also for your free time and breaks.
  4. Set goals
  5. Vary study methods
  6. Study starting with the most complicated subjects and ending with the most pleasant ones.
  7. Finding your own study method: schematizing, summarizing, underlining: the important thing is to fix concepts and memorize them.
  8. At school, take notes so you already have the study setup
  9. Unplug from time to time to allow your brain to recharge and breathe.
  10. During the lunch break, stay away from PCs and devices.

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